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AI for rail analytics

We provide integrated hardware & software systems that capture, process & analyse multi-channel sensor data to deliver structured insights.

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Rail Clearance Management
The Rail Clearance Management solution is the breakthrough in rail clearances visibility and optimization. Using cutting-edge LiDAR technology, this solution gives railroads up-to-date and accurate visibility and control over clearances for the first time. Drive operational excellence, increase traffic, reduce risk and costs—all at once. Welcome to the future of rail!


Total kilometres managed


Total kilometres scanned


Clearance records monitored monthly


Tight structures identified and monitored

AI-enabled, intelligent infrastructure monitoring

Uniting artificial intelligence with cutting-edge engineering and modern enterprise architecture to automate asset infrastructure monitoring and realise improvements in network performance, safety, efficiency and costs.

Increase revenue traffic

Utilises existing rail vehicles

Better compliance

Enables more frequent inspections

Improved safety

Reduces workers on track

Cuts costs and carbon

Helps with cost-effective and environmentally sustainable growth of railroads

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"Results from trials have been encouraging and we are continuing to embed this new capability as the preferred method of inspections for transit space monitoring across the entire ARTC Interstate Network."

Damon Goulding

Asset Planning Engineer

Cordel provides world-leading automated infrastructure inspection solutions

Cordel automates inspections and surveys across entire railroad networks. This enables operators to complete inspections faster and safer, and drastically reduces the cost of asset inspections.

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