Sustainability at Cordel

Our business is intrinsically linked with the rail industry’s focus on reducing CO2 emissions, and we are proud to be applying our passion and innovation to work with the global rail community as part of the solution.

Our commitment is evident in our vision to automate rail inspections worldwide and as a consequence reduce carbon emissions. Our solutions reduce the use of the heavy vehicles currently capturing track data and improve safety by removing the need for on-track inspections by rail maintenance workers. This means that reducing CO2 emissions and improving the energy efficiency of our company and our customers’ companies through our automated data capture and analysis solutions, is a core part of our business mission.

Internally, we have taken strides to improve the sustainability of our operations, including reduced business travel, improved building efficiency and maximizing the use of renewable energy — in our data processing activities. We also take a well-rounded sustainable approach to supporting our employees and customers through our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance.

Our ESG pledge


Create Sustainable Futures:
To actively participate in the transition to a low-carbon economy through our innovative products and services, supported by the commitment to minimising our own emissions. We assist our clients with their carbon reduction journeys through the delivery of sustainably focused solutions.


Put People First:
To create a sustainable and safe environment for all, in doing so nurturing a thriving workplace and business that supports wider society. We ensure diverse, inclusive environments and promote wellbeing.


Operate Responsibly and Ethically:
To uphold our moral and legal obligations through responsible and ethical practices, ensuring the integrity and transparency of all our activities – from our supply chain to our people, our shareholders, operations and customers, and wider society as a whole.

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