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Data Scan


Newly developed LiDAR scanner capability offers flexibility, reliability and scalability by providing a modular LiDAR, imagery and positioning system that can be configured once for measurement trains or at scale for entire fleets of in-service trains.


Innovative camera and GPS positioning system built to install on the inside of train cabs, making remote monitoring and inspections of your network assets easy and affordable, with near-zero engineering required for installation. Fast data capture and easy installation onto many different vehicle systems.


Cordel allows uploading your existing LiDAR and geo-tagged video and imagery, and extracting the maximum value from your existing digital assets using ML.

Process Automation & Machine Learning

Machine Learning Platform

The Cordel platform offers best-in-class machine learning capabilities. Entirely developed in-house, the system enables rapid adoption of the latest developments in the field of AI and the ability to apply to your railway network.

Data Fusion & Processing

The Cordel imagery and LiDAR fusion engine enables for a fully automated processing pipeline, from capture and fusion to the generation of quality control reports and survey-grade point clouds.

Solution Engines

Our solution engines have been built specifically for railways around the world and provide a new level of automation to surveys and inspections that are traditionally cumbersome manual processes.

Inspection Management Software

Cordel Cloud™

Cordel’s unique cloud-based inspection management system allows railways to automate inspections and surveys across entire networks, delivering intelligent insights and producing accurate analytics enabled by powerful search functionality and machine learning.

Software Integrations

The Cordel platform offers the flexibility of integration that a railway could need. With native API's for leading GIS and EAM software platforms, and JSON and CSV exports for everything else, we can plug into your existing software systems and workflows.

Learn how our platform can transform your inspections and surveys through the power of our automated smart inspections.

Configured Deployment

The Cordel platform offers unprecedented opportunities for railways around the world to automate and streamline the inspections and monitoring of critical linear infrastructure. With a railway native team, we understand the commercial and organisational realities with working in-rail and offer flexibility for our partners and customers to use our leading machine learning inspection technology.

Ad-Hoc / Project

With the Cordel platform, you don't need to rush to an all-in, multi-year service level agreement. You can select the problems you want to solve (like a baseline asset survey), and we will provide a cost to help you solve your inspection and mapping problems efficiently.


The Cordel platform has been built to automate inspections and monitoring across entire railroads. Choosing an end-to-end delivery model ensures the lowest cost per mile / km while minimising set up and deployment costs.


The Cordel platform offers the scalability and flexibility with its API first approach. This presents opportunities to bespoke the deployment of the Cordel platform to solve engineering, inspection and monitoring problems that are bespoke to your network.

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