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The Cordel Wave 32 Achieves Network Rail’s Seal of Approval for Data Capture

Network Rail UK has recently granted official approval to the Cordel Wave 32 mobile laser scanning system for data capture. Certification was obtained under Network Rail’s rigorous “topographic, engineering, land, and measured building surveying” standard, so the Cordel Wave 32 system is now an approved method of data capture at Band 3A accuracy, providing mapping grade data.

With this approval, our system has demonstrated its ability to deliver accurate surveying results, leveraging advanced LiDAR techniques; achieved through vehicle-mounted installations. We have achieved exceptional geospatial accuracy, providing absolute precision in data points and even tighter relative accuracy between these points.

Being recognised for meeting the stringent infrastructure monitoring standards set by Network Rail further solidifies our position as the leading supplier of precisely located, repeatable point cloud rail survey data at scale. Cordel has pioneered data capture from passenger-carrying trains. Network Rail can now utilise the outputs: accessing survey-grade data from Cordel’s online viewer and leveraging the post-processed insights offered by our artificial intelligence-driven automation platform. 

This milestone demonstrates the benefits we are delivering to Network Rail and testifies to the reliability and effectiveness of our automated capture and analysis capabilities.  Railways can now be confident Cordel can ramp up inspections and monitoring at scale whilst we maintain run-on-run precision and accuracy.

Geospatial accuracy approval by Network Rail is a significant milestone for Cordel; after launching the Cordel rail offering into the UK market in early 2021, we have achieved successive milestones in data automation and monitoring services to our customers, Network Rail and Network Rail High-Speed. This approval assures that the cornerstone of our offering (scalable, automated capture from regular in-service and dedicated measurement rail vehicles) delivers precision data into the Cordel AI-powered automated data processing pipeline, in turn delivering engineering insights such as Clearances and Gauging, Overhead Line Equipment Monitoring, Vegetation management and Ballast profiling.

Ask us today for more information on the approval and how they could be used to leverage precise, repeatable survey data and engineering insights across your network.

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