The Solutions


AI for Clearances and Gauging

Better management of clearances can lead to the safe movement of larger trains through enlarged corridors. Wider corridors, however, must still satisfy the need to ensure station platforms and train steps remain sufficiently close for passenger safety. This necessity has created new technology and methods to calculate the clearance requirements for railroad operators. To specifically address this challenge and leverage our leading project with Network Rail UK, Cordel, in partnership with D/Gauge, has developed a fully productised, SaaS solution underpinned by our high fidelity rail clearance LiDAR full network capture capability and standard automated processing technology stack.


Corridor Surveys and Transit Space Monitoring

The Cordel platform enables any railroad network to quickly and accurately carry out track clearances, gauging and infringement surveys. Our proprietary data pipelines and machine learning platform automate the most labour-intensive steps in the traditional workflow (processing data and identifying features), enabling us to provide your team with engineering-grade data within hours instead of months.


PTC Asset mapping and change management

The Cordel platform provides networks with the ability to create baseline asset surveys affordably and effectively. At the same time, Cordel provides an easy way to map changes automatically to assets over time. Using best in class Machine Learning and survey lidar, manual asset change requests can be a thing of the past.


Rail Track Patrol and Inspection Verification

Regular track patrols are an essential part of any safe and efficient operating railway. The Cordel platform enables networks to automate manual inspection processes using Lidar and Imagery data from in-service trains. The data is then processed automatically using Machine Learning to generate the inspection reports.


Ballast Profile Management

Using entire networks worth of survey-grade Lidar and imagery data, the Cordel platform creates ballast profiles every metre. It compares these against idealistic engineering modes and reports via exception any ballast profiles outside the standard, curated ready for review.

Cordel Advantage

Remote condition monitoring

Cordel solutions offer the ability to perform effective and efficient remote condition monitoring (RCM) on any scale of rail network.

Automated asset inspections and surveys

Using powerful machine learning technology developed in real-world settings, Cordel enables automated data analysis across entire railway networks.

Record track of changes and deterioration

Cordel uses machine learning to map assets, rate conditions, and assess changes on a high frequency basis, producing good results without costing a lot of money.

Enhanced data-driven decision making

With regular data captures, condition ratings and measured anomalies, analytic condition data can be included in more robust, data-driven decision-making processes.

Transform your infrastructure inspections

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