transit space monitoring and planning

Corridor Surveys and Transit Space Monitoring

The Cordel platform enables any railroad network to quickly and accurately carry out track clearances, gauging and infringement surveys. Our proprietary data pipelines and machine learning platform automate the most labour-intensive steps in the traditional workflow (processing data and identifying features), enabling us to provide your team with engineering-grade data within hours instead of months.

Automatic Track Clearance, Gauging & Infringement Surveys

Using Cordel’s platform, it is now possible to automate track clearance, gauging and infringement surveys across entire rail networks, whether metro passenger or nationwide freight. By automating the data processing and using ML to locate, classify, and measure features, we’re able to deliver engineering-grade data within hours instead of months.

How Automatic Transit Space Monitoring Works

1. Survey point clouds

Collected using Cordel sensors or uploaded by customer.

2. Cross-section engine

Point clouds processed into 2D cross sections.

3. Machine Learning

Key features identified, located, measured, and rated.

4. Output Reports

Customer-defined format and delivery: API to existing systems and/or export.


scan of a transit space

Lidar data processing at scale

The Nextcore LiDAR processing engine was developed in house specifically to work with engineering-grade railroad data, with an emphasis on automation, accuracy, and scalability.

monitoring the condition of a transit space

Transit Space Modeling

Apply static and kinematic models across entire networks. Get the most out of your data by running multiple profiles through our cross section engine simultaneously.

transit space monitoring and data

Infringement Classification

Identify, measure and classify different types of infringements and exceedances. Classifying by infringement type (e.g. vegetation vs. masonry) enables segmentation of work packages for review by the relevant departments or teams.

transit space monitoring scans

Track Clearance Surveys

Identify running rails and adjacent tracks and calculate clearances automatically across entire networks.

transit space scan

Vegetation Surveys

Identify, classify, and rate vegetation encroachments and infringements, design work packages, and push results to your vegetation management teams.

transit space scan results

Reporting and API Integrations

Each detected exceedance generates a ticket that can be pushed into customers' legacy software systems via Rest API and/or exported in various formats. See our Partners section for a list of current integrations.


Reduce on track working

By using remote condition monitoring and desktop reviews, you reduce the requirement to put people on the track and slow network velocity.

Increase frequency of surveys

By lowering the cost and manual labor required to collect, process, and analyze data, we enable you to survey more track more frequently. Discover defects and leading indicators faster and resolve issues before they require significant maintenance and resulting downtime.

Accelerate scenario planning

The Cordel Machine Learning platform enables you to run scenarios with multiple different envelope profiles, allowing you to test and validate programs quickly and affordably.

Transform your infrastructure inspections

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