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Rail Track Patrol and Inspection Verification

Regular track patrols are an essential part of any safe and efficient operating railway. The Cordel platform enables networks to automate manual inspection processes using Lidar and Imagery data from in-service trains. The data is then processed automatically using Machine Learning to generate the inspection reports.

Automated asset inspections and right of way surveys

Regular track inspections are an essential part of any safe, compliant, and efficiently operating railway. However, the visual inspection process is prone to human error, can reduce velocity of revenue traffic, and can put staff’s safety at risk. Using the Cordel platform addresses these problems while significantly increasing the effectiveness of track inspections.

Cordel’s method automatically captures data at track speed, employs machine learning to identify and accurately locate anomalies, and surfaces only the relevant problem areas to your staff for desktop review. The Cordel way enables networks to inspect more track more frequently without decreasing velocity, while at the same time reducing the human fatigue factor and increasing the integrity of your results.

How Automated Inspections Work

1. Forward-facing GPS Video & Lidar

Installed camera systems capture high-resolution video from hi-rails, geometry cars, and/or revenue trains.

2. Anomaly detections

Machine learning automatically detects and classifies assets and defects.

3. Report via Exception

Inspection software generates a detailed tickets for each exception.

4. Report and Notifications

Track inspectors triage and verify exceptions, and send notifications to relevant stakeholders.


train sitting at the train station

Simple Low-Cost Hardware for all trains

We utilize the latest in sensor technology, enabling us to deliver a low-cost high-performance sensor suite that can be operated remotely while installed on a hi-rail, geometry car, or revenue trains.

asset mapping in progress

Asset and defect detections

Accurately and efficiently detecting assets, rating their condition, and locating them within your Linear Reference System (LRS) ensures exception reports are easily discoverable and verifiable from the desktop.

track patrol and inspection

Linear Reference System

The Cordel platform was designed to be flexible with regard to linear reference systems. We can create, ingest, update, and work with interchangagly with multiple linear reference systems simultaneously, and between LRS and geospatial data.

track inspection underway

Right of way monitoring

Quickly detect obstructions and blockage to the right of way and notify the appropriate teams.

aerial view of a track inspection

Intuitive Inspection Review Workflows

Exceptions are generated and sent through the web-based Inspection Management System for triage, assessment, rating and quality control by a human track inspector.

Improve inspection effectiveness

A thorough inspection requires the collection, processing, and review of enormous amounts of raw data. By automating the first two steps and using ML to flag potential anomalies, we enable your professionals to spend their time where they're most valuable: making decisions and taking action.

Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency

An effective automated program can reduce walking and hi-rail track inspections by up to 80%, drastically decreasing the cost of your overall inspection activities.

Improve safety

Automating the collection process and serving results to technicians at their computers reduces the risk of physical harm to personnel.

Transform your infrastructure inspections

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