AI for Clearances and Gauging

Efficient delivery of intelligent clearance and gauging is key to maximising the effective capacity of the infrastructure to run trains of different shapes and sizes at different speeds.

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Accurate clearances are critical... Why?

Clearance information ensures safe transit of trains, infrastructure protection from damage and safety of railway passengers. The cost of modifying infrastructure has increased and there are a variety of vehicles using the railroad.

Grow the effective capacity of infrastructure

Enabling bigger and more revenue-earning freight and passenger trains to run, thus increasing rail operational revenue

Non-standard load assessments

More agile and complete assessment of new, non-standard load types facilitating the shift to rail from road freight, thus increasing rail revenue and reducing carbon

Better targeting of infrastructure investment

Better targeting of infrastructure investment resources to the tightest clearances that will show the greatest returns, thus helping to optimise capex spend

Current and up-to-date assessments

More current and up-to-date assessments, helping railways take full advantage of rolling stock innovations and introduce new trains smoothly to boost rail revenues

The Solution

From increased capacity to better safety, the end to end platform ensures your railway can reach its full potential. Through AI-powered intelligent clearance and gauging solutions and services, we help maximize the effective utilisation of infrastructure. With automated high-quality data capture, processing, management and analysis we provide customers with the optimal levels of space around moving trains - all while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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Survey LiDAR Collection

Cordel Wave: Capture imagery and LiDAR data from in-service trains using modern, cost-effective and miniaturised sensors

Survey management

Cordel Enterprise: Using machine-learning and AI to process LiDAR data converting it into meaningful, accurate clearance surveys

Clearance Optimization

D/Gauge Rift: Network clearances across the entire network and use Track and Infrastructure design features to obtain safe passage

Clearance Management

D/Gauge Rift: Define and access high-level reporting for the entire network, essential for maintenance

Transform your infrastructure inspections

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