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Machine Learning Platform

Our cloud based inspection management system


Training Data Creation

Training data created as a service. Engineering grade annotation guides developed an annotation creation pipeline built with the ultimate accuracy requirements in mind.

Deployment of AI Models

New models are trained, distributed, deployed and managed systematically using only the best performing models and constantly monitored systems.

Inference of data

Customer data is processed (inference), and Machine learning results are generated and qued for review by trained operators or inspectors.

Railway native machine learning platform

We built our ML architecture, processes, workflows and toolkits in the course of conducting railway projects. Each component was designed specifically to work optimally in the context of railway data handling and solutions.

Entirely developed in-house for optimal control over the quality

Machine learning stack wholly built internally by a PhD led team offers the ultimate in flexibility for how the system can be deployed and the applications that can be created to solve railway problems.

Extreme attention to detail results in engineering-grade outputs

We understand what the different engineering requirements and system dependencies are. We have developed a training pipeline to ensure extremely high-quality training data and the ability to understand optimisations and deficiencies.

The Features

traffic lights on an overpass

Data augmentation pipeline

Offering the ability to generate augmented training samples to improve the accuracy and resiliency of ML pipeline.

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Reinforced learning

When an element is detected, the review process ensures new learnings are input into the models to reinforce learnings of the model.

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Multiple data types

Offering a flexible pipeline with the ability process geospatial data from Lidar, imagery and video with higher model capacity ensure more complex detections are possible.

scan of a rail inspection

Hyperparameter optimisation

Models to optimise the required architecture to suit the desired data workflow pipeline.

cars on multiple overpasses

Human-in-the-loop optimisation

Enables AI outputs to be reviewed by subject matter experts, continually refining and improving the accuracy of the models.

train lights speeding along train tracks at night

Flexible model framework deployment

Enables creating training data, deploying new AI models and adopting the latest in AI academic research.

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