Hardware Solutions

Make remote monitoring and inspections of your networks assets easy and affordable

The world's first fully automated, remotely operated family of Mobile Laser Scanners for linear infrastructure


Our lowest cost imagery and GPS only solution, for fast data and easy installation onto many different vehicle systems. Offers speed, ease of use and reliability.


Our second generation of scanners offers flexibility, reliability and scalability by providing a modular Lidar, imagery and positioning system that can be configured for entire fleets of vehicles.

Nextcore Drone Lidar

Our powerful and reliable drone-based lidar system. Can be deployed to inspect and survey in areas of limited access.

A solution that makes sense.

Reduce time spent on tedious tasks, prevent the loss, increase compliance and create peace of mind with our sensors solutions.

Automate data capture

Our dynamic sensors and positioning systems can automatically capture entire networks worth of high-resolution sensor data, enabling you to spend your time on the data outputs rather than the data collection process.

Capture more frequently using in-service vehicles

Our configurable sensors can be mounted to in-service trains, geometry cars, Hi Rail, even busses and trucks. Leveraging in-service vehicles enables daily data capture without slowing network velocity for dedicated inspection-only vehicles.

Automatically upload, process and analyse data

Get precise centimetre-level data straight from the sensor without the need for manual handling.

Remotely monitor, diagnose and stream sensor data

You can now remotely access our sensor systems to view real-time equipment status, control sensors heads, diagnose issues, and most importantly, to view live sensor data as it's being collected.

Multiple data streams to augment your dynamic digital twin


High-resolution imagery from one or multiple cameras mounted in different configurations.


Precise automotive-grade Lidar for accurate measurements, structure and reflectance.


Centimetre level precision GNSS / GPS positioning includes RTK, PPK and PPP for flexibility.


Tactical aerospace-grade Inertial Navigation System and post-processing.

Reporting and Insights

Output inspections results and metrics in your required formats.

Service Desk

Online support services provided through the customer portal.

Already have point clouds and imagery of your network?

Our platform is data agnostic. We can help you extract maximum value from your existing data capture programs using our 'Bring Your Own Data' workflows.

Transform your infrastructure inspections

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