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Cordel Cloud™ Inspection Management System

Our Cloud-based Inspection Management System

Cordel’s unique Cloud-based Inspection Management System allows railways to automate inspections and surveys across entire networks, delivering intelligent insights and producing accurate analytics enabled by Powerful search functionality and Machine Learning.

The Benefits

Automate your inspection processes

Leverage existing network traffic to capture data, and use Machine Learning to automate your inspection regimes.

Derive insights and predict failures

Powerful Machine Learning will detect assets, rate conditions and create detailed historical condition data that can be applied to your operations.

Report and optimise with analytics

Mine data, filter results, preview analytics and drive insights into your assets automatically at a network-level scale.

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Empower your experts to inspect more and miss less from any web-connected computer

Automated identification, rating, and prioritization of defects ensure that your desktop inspectors review the most potential anomalies first, mitigating the human fatigue factor that makes today's "unfiltered" desktop inspections so ineffective. Raw data is hidden, so you will only see what matters anytime a report is generated. Dig a little deeper to see all associated information to ensure the right decision is made.

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Enhance your decision making with up-to-date and accurate asset location and condition information

With more frequent data collections and automated processing and extraction, your team will have immediate access to more and better data. Our AI creates candidate tickets for review, and skilled inspectors apply ratings and risk attributes, significantly accelerating the quality and quantity of inspections. Using advanced analytics and applying it to dynamic life-cycle and maintenance data.

The Features

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Candidate ticket review systems

Powerful engineering-specific AI generates tickets for review by your trained inspectors.

railway tracks and power lines

Inspection data management

All of your inspection data is indexed, searchable and securely stored in our cloud system, hosted in your country in either AWS or Azure.

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Dashboards and Business Intelligence

Configure your dashboards with data relevant to your business and operations providing detailed up to date snapshots of the condition of your network.

railroad inspection and planning

Rover and camera management

Monitor and control your remote inspection systems from anywhere in the world. Quickly pull data down in real time, and see live images and statuses.

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Generate Reports and Insights

Output inspection results and metrics in your required formats with railroad engineering-specific report templates.

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Service Desk and Support

Dedicated customer technical and account support to support your unique requirements.

Transform your infrastructure inspections

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