train utilising cordel software

BYOD ‘Bring Your Own Data’ Automated Data Analysis & Machine Learning

Extract the maximum value from your existing digital assets using AI

Cordel allows networks to Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) and use it powerful AI to automate analysis, measurements and inspections.

The Benefits

Securely upload your data to the cloud

Using our secure upload software, you can securely upload your data into our AWS or Azure infrastructure. Including point clouds, imagery and video from trains.

Select your solution and process data

Once your data is uploaded, you can select from our premade solutions, or you can choose to order brand new ones using our solution engineers. Our servers process your data and create lists for your review.

Generate reports and integrate intelligence

Data outputs can be generated into reports for download or directly sent via API or JSON to any of our integration partners.

Optimise your new and existing digital assets

Take the guesswork out of inspections by showing your team precisely what candidate tickets are ready for review. Configure to your business requirements, including severity, condition ratings and follow up tasks.

The Process

Ensure data security and resilience

Humans get tired; computers don't. Our AI ensures that your inspection criteria are met, and all available data is analysed, so you never miss a detail.

Create a single source of truth with full audit control

Utilising this level of automation in your work practices ensure that all inspections can be carried out quickly and with reduced capital human resources enabling you to be more efficient.

Maximise your investment and achieve outcomes though impossible

By enabling your inspections with the Cordel platform, you can ensure their review time of data is spent on the most critical of work. Our AI creates candidate tickets for review and ratings by your skilled inspectors, accelerating the quality and quantity of work they can achieve. accepted data formats

scan of a rail inspection


Machine vision imagery, Action camera video, CCTV & FFCCTV (.jpg, .raw etc).

adding your own data to a cordel rail inspection scan


Molie Laser Scan, Terrestrial Laser Scan, Aerial Lidar (drone plane) .laz, .las, xyz, etc.

train lights speeding along train tracks at night

Positioning & Trajectory

Scanner trajectory files, Inertial Measurements, Network Line files, XML, KML and more.

Transform your infrastructure inspections

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