train utilising cordel software

Automated Analytics

AI-powered, cloud-based, rail-native automated analytics platform

We combine machine learning, data fusion and data processing and a set of solutions engines to create a wide-ranging and powerful automatic analytics capability.


Machine Learning Platform

Best in class Machine Learning technology. Entirely developed in-house, the system enables the rapid adoption of the latest developments in the field of AI and the ability to apply to your railway network.

Data Fusion and Processing

Imagery and Lidar fusion enables a fully automated processing pipeline, from capture and fusion to the generation of quality control reports and survey-grade point clouds.

Railway Solution Engines

Our solutions engines have been built specifically for railways around the world and provide a new level of automation to railroad surveys and inspections.

Software Engines

train corridor inspections

Cross section Engine

The Cordel Cross-section engine allows for complex and accurate survey point clouds and break them into 1m sections, then deploying our Machine Learning to auto-detect assets, defects, measurements, encroachments, exceedances and more.

cordel data

Linear Reference System

Ensuring that data from the Cordel platform can be utilised throughout the organisation and across different systems Cordel operates its own LRS software to automatically convert data from geospatial coordinates into network-specific LRS and then back again.

cordel data being recorded

Lidar data fusion for Survey

To truly achieve the scale required to provide these solutions across entire networks, we offer the Smartscan hardware systems to capture lidar data. The Cordel fusion ensures that all captured Lidar, INS and imagery data is fused, optimised and processed for optimal accuracy and performance.

The Features

track patrol and inspection


Apply condition-based, life-cycle degradation profiles to accurately model the future condition and service levels of every asset.

traffic lights on an overpass


Determine long-term funding requirements to achieve desired service levels using up-to-date asset condition and deterioration data.

train docking station


Create scenarios to demonstrate the impact of increased or decreased funding to inform capital investment decisions.

sunrise over the train tracks


Optimally allocate available funding to extend asset lives and improve service levels.

scan of a rail inspection


Use outputs and reports to improve stakeholder communication, as well as satisfy internal and regulatory requirements.

cars on multiple overpasses


Seamlessly interconnect with either other third-party asset management and GIS systems.

Transform your infrastructure inspections

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