Pioneering the Future of Rail Inspection Technology in the U.S. and Latin America

In a bold move that underscores its innovative approach and growth strategy, Cordel has expanded its operations into the U.S. and Latin American markets, bringing its advanced rail inspection technology to the largest rail network in the world. With a clear objective to improve the economics of railways, inspect and maintain assets and a deep commitment to environmental sustainability, Cordel aims to revolutionize the rail industry by becoming the single source of truth for rail LiDAR and video inspection data.

Strategic Expansion for a Global Leader

The sheer size and potential of the U.S. rail network drive Cordel’s decision to venture into the U.S. and Latin American markets. The company’s key objective is to provide an unparalleled solution through Cordel Connect. This rail data cloud hosting platform eliminates data silos, making critical inspection data accessible and actionable for all stakeholders.

To achieve its ambitious goals, Cordel has made significant investments in people to ensure a robust team capable of operating autonomously while being supported by the product development team in Australia and the executive leadership in the UK. So far, the team in the Americas comprises Tim Francis – Vice President, Negin Shafie – Data Engineer, and Justin Theriault – Sales Lead. This strategic focus on building a strong local presence is central to Cordel’s operational strategy and its commitment to adapting to its new markets’ regulatory and cultural nuances.


Green Rail Safety and Efficiency – Outpacing the Competition with Technology and Innovation

Cordel is advancing rail inspection technology and prioritizing environmental sustainability in its operations. The company’s solutions, such as its vegetation, ballast modules, and remote viewing, are designed to ensure safety and compliance without unnecessary ecological impact. These innovative approaches allow for precise maintenance actions from any computer logged into the cloud portal, thus minimizing environmental disturbances from excessive vegetation removal or the need for boots on the ground.

To accommodate the industry’s rapid pace and ever-changing landscape, Cordel’s hardware is modular, self-calibrating, and exemplifies a ‘set it and forget it’ philosophy. Its ease of setup and compatibility with virtually any rail vehicle makes it ideal for projects of any scale. This combination of purpose-built software and versatile hardware offers a distinct advantage, setting Cordel apart as a leader in the field.

With over 12 years of AI and machine learning expertise, Cordel stands out in the competitive landscape by offering specialized solutions tailored to the rail industry. Cordel Connect was purposefully designed for rail applications, highlighting our commitment to addressing industry-specific needs. Our platform’s unique Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) feature and an integrated visualization tool provide clients with a comprehensive and customizable data analysis experience. The Connect cloud solution also facilitates efficient data processing and ensures secure storage and archiving of project outputs, further enhancing its value to clients.

Engaging with Communities and Embracing Future Challenges

While Cordel is still establishing its approach to engagement with local communities and stakeholders, it recognizes the importance of it as part of an expansion strategy. Looking ahead, Cordel is focused on expanding its solutions within the North American market and globally. Innovations such as PTC asset verification, change management, and the launch of Cordel Rugged — a mobile, easy-to-install hardware solution — underline the company’s commitment to leading the sector.

Cordel’s customer-centric approach of individually addressing regulatory and operations requirements enhances satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring a tailored experience for each client. This strategy, combined with a solid international reputation, strong products and services, and a comprehensive support team in the U.S., is fundamental to Cordel’s success in the U.S. and LATAM markets.

With a talented team of product developers, industry experts, and executive leaders, Cordel envisions a future where it not only leads the rail inspection technology sector but also significantly expands its business, embodying a blend of technological innovation, environmental responsibility, and customer focus that sets new standards for the industry.

Cordel’s expansion from the UK and Australia into the U.S. and Latin American markets represents a significant step forward for the rail industry. It offers advanced, sustainable, and efficient solutions that promise to redefine rail safety and maintenance practices for years to come.

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