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Nicholas Smith Appointed To Board And Position Of VP Sales

Cordel is pleased to announce that, following the passing of the resolutions put to shareholders at the Company’s General Meeting on 31 October 2019 and the Company’s subsequent completion of the acquisition of Airsight Holdings Pty Ltd (“Airsight”), Nicholas Smith has been appointed as a Director of the Company and Vice President Global Sales.

Nicholas co-founded Airsight Australia in 2012 and operated as ‘Chief Pilot’ for 4 years. Nicholas has extensive experience in technology services, machine learning, hardware sales and distribution, drones, sales, marketing and strategic business development and has proven his ability to lead and operate a diverse, geographically dispersed technical and operational team.

Nicholas will be leading a global team of sales, product development, account management and marketing experts. Nicholas will ensure that customers, partners and prospective customers around the world are looked after, will drive product development and will ultimately grow the global account base.

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