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Cordel Announce New Partnership With Esri

Cordel Group PLC (AIM: MNO), the Artificial Intelligence platform for transport corridor analytics, announces a Partnership Agreement with Esri Inc. and achievement of a major
engineering milestone with ARTC.

Partnership Agreement

Cordel’s subsidiary, Cordel Technology, and Esri have signed a partnership agreement to formalise joint solution efforts around the world. This partnership includes a localised teaming agreement in Australia to enhance the quality and quantity of data available in the ARTC instance of the Esri ArcGIS (“Geographical Information System”) software, by incorporating results from the Cordel Machine Learning platform. ARTC is a customer of both Esri and Cordel Technology. Esri Inc. is an international supplier of geographic information system software, cloud GIS and geodatabase management applications. The company is headquartered in Redlands, California. www.esri.com

ARTC is a Government of Australia owned statutory corporation, which manages most of Australia’s interstate rail network, 8,500 kilometres in length across five states. Cordel announced the project to collect and analyse track information on 6 January 2020, which has a 3-year duration and provides for up to 36,500km of corridor scanning per year.

Major Engineering Milestone

As part of the commissioning process Cordel Technology and ARTC have undertaken the appropriate engineering acceptance activities that demonstrate that the Cordel Technology platform meets engineering accuracy and safety requirements, to replace the manual method of surveying rail track infringements and track clearances, with the automated Machine Learning process from Cordel Technology.

Nick Smith, Vice President Sales for Cordel, said,

“We are proud and excited to become an Esri partner. The partnership will assist us in opening up new markets, helping us to deploy solutions more quickly using established Esri software and by providing valuable market, solution and technology intelligence. The engineering acceptance from ARTC means our automated Cordel Technology platform is now formally accredited as meeting the engineering accuracy and safety standards of previous manual inspection and survey methods. In the very conservative environment of rail engineering, this is a significant achievement and will reassure rail operators around the world. The commissioning process has now been completed and the Cordel Technology platform moves to Business as Usual (BaU) inside ARTC.”

Andrew Pearson, CEO of Cordel, commented:

“We are delighted with the progress our team are making with key partners and customers. This reflects the recognition of our product’s technical excellence and efficacy. Using Machine Learning techniques to analyse very large datasets is now moving from research to practical applications and we are at the forefront of this movement in the transport sector.”

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